Bergman Trailer

The trailer compresses moments of emotional and visual intensity from the actual film. It literally is a play between the perception of light and dark and the moral imagination’s values for auras and darknesses.

From hand-shadow silhouettes to ghosts, goblins and ghouls, from spiritual discovery to horror movies… Shadow and light here cannot be silent, they demand an intense soundscape to guide our emotions.

Light Space Modulator

The Light Space Modulator was a source material for film, rather than a freestanding sculpture.

One strand in Modern Art is its fascination with the ephemeral, the fleeting and the potential of other non-objective acts.  Such work has to be situated, it demands attention to be paid to its context. This spatial awareness also brings us in, as our participation in such works is either implied, for example as silhouettes, or explicit, as in various types of interaction.